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Like a sparkling jewel in the middle of the vast desert sits sun-soaked, glamorous Dubai.

Dubai - one of the seven Arab Emirates - is fast becoming a real holiday hotspot.

Combining fabulous beaches with great shopping and some amazing hotels, holidays in Dubai are all about luxury and indulgence. And of course, the fabulous weather means that Dubai offers an excellent year-round escape from the ever unpredictable British weather.

One of the main things that Dubai is famous for is its top-class service. Whether you're dining or shopping, the service you receive while on holiday in Dubai is exceptional.

Dubai holidays offer slick and polished hotels and shopping malls alongside mosques and spice scented souks. The mix of old and new is apparent as soon as you see the towering skyscrapers that nestle alongside the beautiful minarets. Dubai has an identity that is very much its own - a mix of glamour and sophistication with authentic Arabian charm. Even the shimmering beach merges into the arid, hazy desert. For every display of modern elegance there is a display of authentic Bedouin culture nestled right alongside it.

So, what is there to do while on holiday in this incredible city? One of the main activities has to be enjoying the fabulous beaches - vast swathes of silver sand slide into the sparkling azure Persian Gulf. With over ten miles of fabulous sand you are sure to find a quiet place to lie back, relax and listen to the waves.

If you like shopping, you will be in your element in Dubai. The shopping centres here are extremely luxurious and there are plenty of designer shops offering duty free prices. The traditional souks are also well worth a visit for an entirely different shopping experience - the gold souk is not to be missed with some excellent prices on gold and silver.

Golf fans will also be very happy on holiday in Dubai - there are some superb golf courses in Dubai and of course the glorious weather makes enjoying a round of golf even more pleasurable.

Finally, perhaps the biggest allure of a Dubai holiday is the vast number of simply outstanding hotels. Taking luxury to a new level, Dubai hotels are among some of the finest in the world. With simply top-class facilities and exceptional service, the elegant and lavish hotels on offer in Dubai will simply take your breath away.