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An amazing 1000 islands make up the Maldives, and they sit surrounded by beautiful clear warm turquoise water in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

The close proximity of the Maldives to the equator means that the weather is hot and sunny all year round, and as a result the conditions are simply perfect for relaxing in a hammock underneath a swaying palm tree!  The beaches in the Maldives are simply idyllic and paradise-like... think white sands, azure skies, turquoise lagoons and vibrant sunsets. All this natural beauty makes for a truly relaxing holiday and an absolutely perfect destination for a romantic hideaway or honeymoon. Indeed, many couples choose the Maldives as their perfect wedding venue.

The Maldives islands are surrounded by an underwater barrier reef, formed of coral debris and amazing living coral. The marine life within these waters is abundant, the water is warm and crystal clear, and as a result the Maldives are the perfect holiday destination for those wanting to explore the ocean. There are many opportunities for snorkelling, diving and sailing. It is also worth noting that the waters surrounding these islands rank fifth in the world for dolphin watching, and most resorts offer trips out into the ocean to watch these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. Simply breathtaking to see, a spot of dolphin watching will leave you with some amazing fond memories.

It is well worth including some sightseeing in your trip while on holiday in the Maldives and a trip to the island's capital, Male, is a must. Here you can visit the Mulee-Agee - a palace built in 1906, the National Museum or the old Friday Mosque.

The Maldives are renowned for offering luxury hotels and first class service. Many hotels have their own excellent spa facilities, so if basking on the dreamy beaches and bathing in the blissful, crystal clear water is not quite relaxing enough, you can also indulge in a luxurious massage or experience one of the many other pampering treatments on offer.

One thing is for sure, a spa holiday in the Maldives is true food for the soul, and you will return home feeling revitalised and relaxed in both body and mind.