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Skiathos overview

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The Greek Island of Skiathos has been a popular destination with holidaymakers for a good few years, and this little island wins over the hearts of those who visit it.

The lush landscape inland of fragrant pine trees that cling to the hills and the rows of vineyards make for some fabulous scenery that just cries out to be discovered, and fortunately there are lots of well marked walking trails so that you can set out and explore this beautiful island.

Meanwhile, the coastline of Skiathos is just as beautiful. The sixty or so beaches that this little island boasts are what draw so many holidaymakers to Skiathos.

The beaches in Skiathos are simply beautiful and idyllic. They offer the perfect excuse to simply lie back under a bright blue sky and do absolutely nothing except take in the sights and sounds of the beach. Skiathos beaches offer superb swimming opportunities - the water here is calm with no strong currents. With so many beaches to choose from you can people watch alongside other beachgoers or set off the north of the island - more wild and rugged - and find your own little deserted cove.

With its soft golden sand, azure sky and sparkling, crystal clear water, it is no surprise that the island of Skiathos was heavily used in the filming of the box office smash Mama Mia.

Away from the beach, Skiathos holidays offer plenty more to do. The general ambience of the island is laid back and relaxed, with much of the action focusing on simply enjoying and exploring the beauty of the island. Why not explore the coast by boat and take one of the sailing trips on offer? Or you could even delve a little deeper into the clear waters and try out a spot of scuba diving. Watersports are also on offer up and down the coast, from windsurfing to parasailing. Away from the water, why not discover a little Skiathos history with a trip to the medieval village of Kastro?

And of course, don't miss out spending some time in the island's capital, Skiathos Town. This cosmopolitan little town simply oozes sophistication and charm with its pretty harbour, whitewashed buildings and collection of chic boutiques and charming antique shops. Skiathos Town is a fabulous place to enjoy an evening out - there are some excellent bars and restaurants here and a fabulous open air theatre near the harbour that plays host to ballet, theatre and music events throughout the summer.

If you are looking for a relaxing break in simply beautiful surroundings and with plenty to do and see, holidays in Skiathos more than tick all these boxes and you may find yourself wanting to return to these sundrenched shores again and again!