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Kefalonia overview

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Spa Travel Kefalonia

If you are looking for a luxury holiday in simply stunning surroundings, look no further than the Greek island of Kefalonia.

Kefalonia is a little island that simply offers so much - the scenery here is simply spectacular, and is famous for lighting up the silver screen in the award winning movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

If you want a holiday to help you relax and unwind, holidays in Kefalonia will almost certainly see your stresses and worries melt away. The pace of life on the island is laid back and relaxed, with the emphasis on simply enjoying the natural beauty of the island. And boy is there a lot to enjoy! Imagine pine clad, rugged hills with rows of vineyards and olive groves. Set out on foot or on horseback and discover quiet little villages nestled between the hills or serene monasteries hidden within the craggy mountains.

Such fabulous scenery really does cry out to be explored and discovered, and many walking enthusiasts enjoy holidays in Kefalonia due to the stunning scenery.

Meanwhile, the coastline of the island is just as beautiful. The beaches in Kefalonia are absolutely fabulous, with acres of soft white sand and sparkling, crystal clear water. Myrtos Beach is particularly popular with its blue green water, powder-soft sand and impressive jagged cliff faces. If you prefer not to share your sand with many others, why not hire a sailing boat or take a sailing trip to a secluded cove only accessible from the sea? Sailing along the coast is a wonderful experience as the scenery is simply beautiful.

If you prefer to be active in the water then the island has plenty of water sports opportunities, from parasailing to jet-skiing. And if you want to check out the underwater scenery around the island, there are some good scuba diving courses and facilities.

Evenings in Kefalonia are all about relaxing and enjoying good food, good wine and good company. There are plenty of charming, authentic Greek restaurants and tavernas where you can try out some of the local cuisine. Ordering a traditional Greek meze is a great way to sample lots of little dishes. Kefalonia is also famed for its good wine.

After enjoying a beautiful meal, what better way could there be to top off the evening than to take a stroll under the stars and listen to the water gently lap the shore?

Kefalonia holidays will have you truly appreciating life's natural and simple pleasures. Of course, the island also has some excellent luxury hotels and spas so that you can take the relaxation and indulgence of your Kefalonia holiday to a new level! There could be no better setting for an indulgent spa break than the beautiful, charming island of Kefalonia.