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Holidays in Aswan are about experiencing the exotic charm of Egypt without the crowds. No where near as crowded as popular Cairo and Luxor but still with plenty to offer, holidays in Aswan are about enjoying the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere of the Nile.

This part of Egypt sees the desert sand sweep right up to the banks of the Nile, with palm trees lining the shore. There are some superb views to take in as you look across the majestic Nile with the rolling mountains in the background.

While Aswan may not boast the kind of sightseeing you find in Cairo or Luxor, there are still some fabulous ancient sites to visit. Why not visit Lake Nasser in the south and take a peek at the 18 ancient temples that line the shores of the lake? Aswan High Dam is another fascinating place to visit.

One real must-do while on holiday in Aswan is to pay a visit to the exotic, spice scented souks. Haggle with traders and pick up some fabulous local produce and handicrafts. Or simply take in the amazing atmosphere!

Aswan may not offer as much to do as some of the more developed Egypt resorts, but it is its relaxed atmosphere and unpretentious air that attracts holidaymakers. There are several very good hotels here offering excellent facilities. Most offer evening entertainment, and there are a few restaurants where you can enjoy some excellent cuisine. Why not dine on the waters of the Nile on a floating restaurant? Taking a leisurely evening stroll along the promenade and watching the glowing orange sunset makes for a wonderfully relaxing evening.

All in all, holidays in Aswan offer understated elegance and relaxation in beautiful surroundings. In Aswan you get to see Egypt without the crowds and the queues, and you simply cant fail to be won over by its unpretentious charm.