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Innsbruck overview

Info on Innsbruck


Known as ‘the capital of the alps', Innsbruck is indeed the capital city of Austria's Tyrol region. Nestled in a valley between majestic mountains, Innsbruck is the perfect place to take a winter break. Winter holidays in Innsbruck can be as action packed as you'd like them to be, as this fantastic snow covered resort has all winter sports activities covered. Innsbruck has actually hosted the winter Olympics twice, and you may well find yourself daydreaming of participating as you speed down the mountain side on skis or snowboard!

Of course, the après ski tends to be just as popular an experience as skiing itself! Innsbruck has some fabulous restaurants and bars, with many of the exclusive hotels also offering superb dining facilities.

There are some excellent hotels in Innsbruck. By booking a luxury hotel with spa facilities you ramp up the relaxation factor of your holiday another level. Indulge yourself with some fabulously luxurious spa treatments that will have you looking and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated in no time. Looking refreshed on returning home after enjoying some pampering spa treatments combined with the pure, clean mountain air may make people wonder what your secret is!

While most famous for its ski slopes, Innsbruck also makes a wonderful summer holiday destination. The scenery in this area of Austria is truly soul stirring - imagine rolling green alpine hills, majestic mountain ranges and sparkling streams and lakes. Hiking and cycling opportunities abound - the views are simply amazing and you will remember the sight of beautiful alpine meadows and pretty Tyrolian lodges forever.

Away from the countryside, there is plenty more to keep you entertained while on holiday in Innsbruck. There are some great sightseeing opportunities in the old town. Aside from the museums and art galleries on offer and the stunning gothic architecture, the main tourist attraction in the centre of Innsbruck is the Golden Roof. Built in the early 15th century as a residence for Tyrolian royalty, the Golden Roof is actually a three storey balcony that looks out over the plaza.

There are also plenty of shopping opportunities in Innsbruck - the old town is home to some exquisite little shops, and the recently refurbished Kaufhaus Tyrol shopping centre is a shopaholic's dream!

So, whether you have skiing on your mind or a summer holiday spent strolling through the alpine countryside, Innsbruck is the perfect holiday destination. Who could fail to love a place where sports and activity go hand in hand with luxury and relaxation?